Garden Wall Graffiti Mural

I was asked if it was possible to paint a garden wall graffiti mural with a picturesque view of the countryside overlooking London with birds insects and flowers.

here are images of how the wall developed.

close up images of the Blue tit, Green Woodpecker and butterfly.

Finished garden wall.

E4 Youngers Series 2 graffiti Set

At the start of the year Big Talk Productions LTD asked me to paint graffiti on the set of  YOUNGERS series 2.

The series follows a group of south-east London teenagers aiming to become the next big thing on the urban music scene.

check previews and photos of the youngers cast on there facebook page or visit Channel 4


Aero London Graffiti Mural Artist

Somerlayton path in Brixton Graffiti Art

the trio got back together to re-paint Somerlayton Path in Brixton.

Artists: Aero – Mr cenz – Solo One


Aero London Graffiti Mural Artist

BrickLane Graffiti aero and cenz

A good Friend MrCenz hooked me up with this spot on BrickLane we painted the pieces at different times but linked them together using similar fill colours and both having a character to the right.

keeping my aero piece oldskool with the lion head replacing the letter O.


to see more of Mrcenz style check out his flickr page

Studio 338 – Sankeys

London’s biggest night club studio338 held Sankeys London opening event and got AeroArts to paint the spektrum room.

The theme was to paint selected words related to sankeys events in London graffiti letter styles to create an abandoned warehouse look to the room.