graffiti mural workshop

YoYo creative workshop

YoYo (your only young once) creative engagement youth workshop at Ladbroke Grove YOT

over the duration of 3 days we worked with a number of young people designing and painting positive uplifting messages around the recreation youth space.

graffiti youth workshop

Avondale Close Estate 2015

Avondale close estate picnic in the park fun day organised by ACE (avondale community events)

AeroArts was asked to run a graffiti name boards workshop on the day getting local young residents involved in spray painting their names.

Aero London Graffiti Mural Artist

Bellignham Festival 2013

i was invited down to Bellignham Festival to paint there legal graffiti/street art space (bendy wall) with the local young people we all had a great day and completed one side in a few hours.

Aero London Graffiti Mural Artist

Aylesbury Youth centre

working with the young people from Aylesbury Youth centre on a project to re-paint the front shutters of there building themed on local buildings and wildlife bellow are some photos of the graffiti art project.


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