Graffiti Art Productions

Graffiti Art Productions

Some words about our productions and how they are created.

King Kong Palace Production by aero cenz and tizerWe have been painting productions in the streets of London for over 2 Decades, our work can be found across the city, covering many different surfaces and spaces from south to north, east to west. Our dedicated team of artist's produce amazing Graffiti inspired murals in a short time frame with some of our productions being painted in a few days.

With many years of experience we work together fulfilling different specialist roles, these roles are broken down into three main areas or layers i.e. Pieces - Characters - Background each artist will delegate a role for themselves within the production and if needed share roles, one of the other major contribution is the artist painting in there own unique artistic style they have self developed.

The transformation a production brings to it's surrounding is so immense it turns a disused space into a free public art gallery, changing a neglected run down wall or hoardings into a vision of imagination and colour.

Aylesbury estate Ball pen production

this wall was painted by Aero - Mrcenz - Solo-one and jestr (South Africa)

SomerLayton Brixton Production

this wall was painted by Aero - Mrcenz and Solo-one

Aero London Graffiti Mural Artist

Aero London Graffiti Mural Artist

Crystal Palace Up Production

this wall was painted by Aero - Mrcenz - Solo-one - dane - pure-one and shucks

Aero London Graffiti Mural Artist The term "Graffiti Production" is when a crew or group of artist paint a planned themed wall together with inter changing piece colours, characters and background bringing all the artist's work together as one piece of work, creating a visual impact that blows the mind. Another term to "Production" is when a solo artist combines all his skill and talent into creating a masterpiece, This involves an initial theme with a detailed background and there graffiti piece being the main visual point of the mural.  Both are about the artist's showcasing and executing to there highest ability and pushing themselves to produce new levels of quality in there work.

After the mural has been painted and the artist(s) have moved on the longevity is in the hands of the public, if the art is enjoyed it will gain respect and remain on the streets so if your lucky enough to come across a production enjoy the moment while it is there as Graffiti is a living art form and forever changing from one month to the next.

Painting a Production For You!

We are available to transform a wall/space with our own themed graffiti art