shutters & Hoardings

Shutters & Hoardings

Breakdown of the project and the beneficial advantages for local mural art.

  • Offering the community free mural ART! painted by talented local artists.
  • Providing  a space for local artist's to paint in a public domain.
  • Transforming neglected abandoned spaces, shop shutters and walls into visually exciting gallery's .
  • Art spaces painted and maintained by a dedicated team of artist's.
  • A solution towards discouraging vandalism and bill posters.
  • Community security knowing L.A.S are local and on hand to re-paint damaged murals.
  • Passing on our enthusiasm and passion for Graffiti Art Murals for all to enjoy.
  • Being an inspiration and encouraging others to be creative with their time.


Before and after images showing the space transformed

How you can get involved!

Do you have wall space to put forward for a mural?

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