wildlife graffiti mural workshop

Ledbury estate graffiti mural

The T.R.A of Ledbury estate on Commercial way (Peckham) got in contact about painting the white hoardings that have been put up for the gas renovation works on the estate.

They wanted a theme that mixed local history and nature together i.e. the fire station, Gas works, Astoria picture house, Camberwell butterfly, fox, robin and flowers.

garden graffiti mural

Garden graffiti mural

I was asked to create this garden mural transforming the space into a more inviting place to enjoy, the theme to the mural is Bees as they have a honey Bee nest underground.

tiger graffiti car

mongol rally graffiti cars

Painted these 3 nissan cars as big cats, a Tiger, Leopard and Lion for  we are feline good taking part in the Mongol rally a team of  7 paramedics, 3 Nissan Micras, 6 weeks, 21 countries.

Rainsing money for COOL EARTH a non-profit organisation that works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and climate change.