graffiti mural workshop

The Dumps APG graffiti

Painted some new graffiti artwork inside the dumps adventure playgrounds main hall, computer room and creative arts room also painted a new outdoor sign transforming the youth space making it more inviting and up lifiting for all to enjoy.

graffiti school youth workshop

Dulwich Charter school

Aeroarts was invited to Dulwich Charter school to help students paint a playground mural which was part painted on boards so it can be transported to there new school premises in the near future.

The theme is based around the schools 5 values curious, creative, confidant, caring and courageous with interaction with the values i.e. a hand painting the the word creative and animals replacing letters along with a jungle background.

graffiti school mural

Phoenix primary school mural

I was invited down to Phoenix primary school to paint a farm landscape themed mural in the reception playground with a large sunset, hills, flowers along with lots of animals i.e. cow, horse, pig, sheep, rabbit, mouse, duck, chicken and fox.