Community Murals

Community Murals

Aeroarts have been helping communities paint murals for over 15 years, we have effectively implemented mural workshops that involve the whole process from community consultation to encouraging the hard to reach to get involved.

We take you on a artistic journey guiding you through each step of the mural process by discussing your ideas, helping you choose the best suited theme's, showing you how to research images for the mural, composing your drawings for the design, painting the mural from start to finish using a range of art methods and learning aerosol techniques from block filling colours, fading tones, outlines to finishing details. On completion of all these stages and creating amazing results we are able to pass on skills and methods that you can take away with you and use within your own artwork.

Graffiti inspired murals bring people together and colour into their lives transforming what was once a polluted dirty wall into a uplifting achievement for all to enjoy. Aeroarts believes developing unused spaces into community public art gallery's has a important place in on our society and inspires young minds to be creative and express themselves in a individual and positive way.

Two day Graffiti mural workshop

 This activity is ideal for Youth clubs - Schools - Public spaces.

What to expect:

  • One experienced graffiti workshop leader.
  • All the graffiti materials and equipment needed for the project.
  • Workshop materials health and safety  briefing.
  • Artist history / A look at portfolio photos.
  • Group design discussion / Drawing ideas.
  • Young people hands on creating there ideas.
  • Step by step guidance all the way through.
  • Aerosol techniques - fading - outlines - finishing details
  • Inspiring others to get involved in art and learn new skills.

Graffiti mural workshop

Workshop Price


Includes all materials for the workshop.

Project Duration

10 Hours

Includes Mural Design.

Group Size

Upto 12 young people

Only 4 y/p spray painting at anytime.

Large Scale Graffiti Murals

 This activity is ideal for large walls - School play areas - Public spaces.

Large mural Requirements:

  • Some large murals require more then one artist.
  • Materials costs will need to be individually calculated for each project.
  • A site risk assessment may need to take place.
  • Mural theme or direction for design session.
  • Have a rough idea on the group size and ages.
  • A project time frame is planned before painting starts.
  • Send photos of the space to be painted.

when you contact us we will need a photo of the space and theme to be able to put together a costings proposal.

aeroarts graffiti mural youth workshop

Graffiti community mural workshop


The Mural Space

Large scale projects need a site visit.


Project Brief

Research theme details for design session.

Create & Paint

Hands on painting

Community engagement