Aero Graffiti Artist

Aero Graffiti

some words about where it all started.

Aero has been drawing and painting from the early nineties and has developed a career as a graffiti artist focusing his skills in community / youth projects with the aim to encourage and inspire others to experience ART! and get creative.

Humble beginning's living in south London seeing the latest graffiti art being painted on a daily basis with styles heavily influenced from the 80's graffiti phenomenon which swept across the city and uk bringing neglected surroundings to life and inspiring many like himself to seek adventure within the graffiti world.

Searching for fresh graffiti art every week, boarding painted trains and visiting large track-side productions with full colour productions emblazoned across the walls all helped to heighten the desire to paint big and too search high and low for latest pieces of art in this dirty grey concrete city and to find out more about the "underground" art movement and it's history.

Aero started like most artists spending many hours a day drawing and sketching letter-forms on paper long before picking up a can of car paint, being ready with a sketch or plan was the only advice put forward. Experimenting with spray paint came as a natural progression from using traditional art tools i.e. paint brushes and pens. Through dedication he grew to understand some of the boundaries of using spray paint and the methods used to create large pieces of art and by developing his skills he became self-taught. A few years past and he was asked to paint murals for his local youth service which in the late nineties got him involved in graffiti workshops and programmes within the local community, this is where the journey started from painting graffiti pieces to creating large murals in public spaces.

Forest Hill Subway 1997

1999 graffiti youth workshop

Lewisham town hall 1999

Aero has managed to mix his graffiti art background with youth work facilitating art programmes and mural workshops to help engage young people to be creative and encourage community's to be more expressive and take ownership of redundant spaces around them with art. He has worked alongside many youth organisations over the years including: councils, housing associations, crime intervention groups, charities, outreach/detached youth projects and schools across London and the surrounding counties.

Aero strongly believes that working with young people and engaging them through art helps build confidence and develop there own identity to express there ideas and views in a positive, educational and artistic way.

Aeroarts has been providing a creative outlet for over 20 years for young people aged between 8 to 25 years and giving communities the opportunity to be involved in successful workshops / projects working with experienced artists where young people reflect on with self achievement and a connection to there surroundings. Our murals encourage self belief, life skills, problem solving, creativity, motivation and importantly uplifting young peoples views on challenges that lie ahead of them in the future.

This is just a brief insight looking back at AeroArts and his work, Over the years there have been many projects and commissions painted and will continue to create many more!