garden graffiti mural

Garden graffiti mural

I was asked to create this garden mural transforming the space into a more inviting place to enjoy, the theme to the mural is Bees as they have a honey Bee nest underground.

graffiti school mural

Phoenix primary school mural

I was invited down to Phoenix primary school to paint a farm landscape themed mural in the reception playground with a large sunset, hills, flowers along with lots of animals i.e. cow, horse, pig, sheep, rabbit, mouse, duck, chicken and fox.

graffiti school mural

Creative stars forest hill

Painted the entrance to creative stars pre-school nursery in forest hill incorporating there logo on the door along with the sun and a rainbow finishing the day with the young people watching how it all happens.

AeroArts graffiti mural artist

save central hill community

A big thanks to all involved at save central hill community (crystal palace) for arranging the mural to be painted it has been a pleasure meeting and talking to you all, having to work around the weather we managed to get the wall completed in 2 very long days painting until dusk. the feedback and […]

AeroArts graffiti mural artist

Sydenham Adventure Playground

Over the course of 4 days spread over three weeks Aero gave up his free time to paint this enchanted themed mural  at HomePark Aadventure Playground. The buildings entrance was looking in a bad way with flaking paint and visible repairs on show, with the space in need of colour and life to make the entrance more welcoming for […]